Sprout City Sessions

by Mobilities

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This live recorded session features new and old music by, Mobilities, and a cover of "Sabotage" by, The Beastie Boys.


released May 6, 2019

All songs performed live by, Mobilities.

Recorded at Sprout City Studios in Eugene, OR.

Production by, Two Cent Productions.

Album photo by, Megean McBride and layout by, Brett Sparrey.


all rights reserved



Mobilities Portland, Oregon

Progressive Indie Rock

Mobilities is:

Brett Sparrey
(vocals, bass, keys, synth)
Eric McCauley
(vocals, guitars)
Adam Durkee
(guitars, keys, synth)
Logan Gardner
(drums, percussion)
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Track Name: End Game
A stones throw from

Stories from peripheries now told again
Cast away
Drive us from the fray

This mosaic deconstructed, a weary finger finds the edge
Piecing it back

To watch your back now
Madness disappearing
Oh you know when you know

Morning sky shifts it’s blue hue
Knots away from the harbor
Barely grippin
Got a vision, have to listen, does it glisten [this and this and this and]

To watch your back now
Madness disappearing
Oh you know when you know
Track Name: All the Answers
When I see your face
I will surely find
All the answers to my faults
An ever gazing light
I can see right through your eyes
There’s nowhere that I could go
I’ll always let you find me

Hold me down babe
Because I might float away
I’ve cast my sails and raised the anchor
This life will surely test your strength
So bend don’t break

Leave it up to her
To kill you while you sleep
Dreaming of the love you had
She’s come to set you free
We learn to see ourselves
Through other people’s eyes
We’ll never break that tangled web
Of those to whom we’re tied

When I left the land of my father
He made sure to say
“Just make sure you stand for something
There is no freedom in this life
That doesn’t come from within”

Come out and tell me you’re free
That this love’s enough for me
And I’ll be there by your side
Hold on to you until I die
Track Name: Ursa
We’re sailors out to sea
Staring into eternity
The further we go think of our home
Our place in the stars

Leave the fire to burn out
Tomorrow’s reach is just a dream

And every step we take
Buries a name we never speak
But everything we carried
Now feels like home

So you’re making waves
Pulling at the strings
Attached to your limbs
Attached to your head
Still feel the poison
Running through your veins

Leave the fire to burn out
Tomorrow’s reach is just a dream
Track Name: Satellite
Coming around again
A path revealed with no end
To break from that form
That endless form is
So let it take you
And in turn and in turn
Fall apart and build again

Could this be a game?
Oh, good luck
And I’m
Not sold on what you say
Now there’s another way

Side to side
Breathing chaos
Who will be
The first to compromise?

Graveyard or garden
It’s what you put in the ground
I’m sick but I’m learning how
To get along to get along
Track Name: Son of a Gun
Well I told myself I wouldn't give in
This time it's different
Swimming in a sea of booze and my delusions
Just don't turn out the light
Just don't turn out the

It’s taking all my time
And leaves without a trace
Too proud to start again
Held fast in my old ways

It's a funny thing to hold this contradiction in my mind
Where I know I'll never understand the concept of free will
But I can laugh and melt into your smile
Takes me away for a while

It seems most people here would rather be so casual
A memory dissolving in the chemicals
The voice inside your head
Your word is all that you have

But now I know where I come from
Son of a gun
Lived long enough to see
I can't escape the greed
Addicted to the way it makes me feel
Like my own entity it's all created just for me
Try to see what's real
I gotta know I gotta know
You are

Forget the formalities
Words that make me numb
When do you know someone?
When do you know?
Please disagree at least we heard it from you
Never learn a thing
Never learn a thing or two

Don’t have time to sit and argue over who will keep the ashes that remain
Standing in the endless line
Used talk about how to break the cycle as we watched it unfold
We knew exactly where it lead

Oh oh


It's like no time has passed
You can’t hide all that you are
Speak truly and carry the weight
In this story we're meant to find something so simple
A way to return everything we have, you gotta give it back

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