Mobilities EP

by Mobilities

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released February 1, 2017

All songs written, engineered, and produced by, Mobilities
Mixed by, Brett Sparrey
Mastered by, Kevin Drake
Artwork by, Ariel Posey


all rights reserved



Mobilities Portland, Oregon

Progressive Indie Rock

Mobilities is:

Brett Sparrey
(vocals, bass, keys, synth)
Eric McCauley
(vocals, guitars)
Adam Durkee
(guitars, keys, synth)
Logan Gardner
(drums, percussion)
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Track Name: All the Answers
When I see your face
I will surely find
All the answers to my faults
An ever gazing light
I can see right through your eyes
There’s nowhere that I could go
I’ll always let you find me

Hold me down babe
Because I might float away
I’ve cast my sails and raised the anchor
This life will surely test your strength
So bend don’t break

Leave it up to her
To kill you while you sleep
Dreaming of the love you had
She’s come to set you free
We learn to see ourselves
Through other people’s eyes
We’ll never break that tangled web
Of those to whom we’re tied

When I left the land of my father
He made sure to say
“Just make sure you stand for something
There is no freedom in this life
That doesn’t come from within”

Come out and tell me you’re free
That this love’s enough for me
And I’ll be there by your side
Hold on to you until I die
Track Name: Apathy, the End
Don’t lose it now
You’re so cool
Don’t lose me nowi
You’re so close

This apathetic state of mind
Living blindly
These walls
Were built before you were born
Deconstruct these monuments to greed
And build again (and build again)

You can’t fool yourself
You’ve thought this one through
And in the end
We all see the truth

There’s nothing left but ash and dirt
Forget the rest
You’ll never see the sun
But I keep endlessly searching
No matter what I find
Track Name: The Velvet Odyssey
Don’t ask how this works
It’s only ‘need to know’
All you need to know is how to keep your head down
Eyes to the sidewalk
Isn’t it beautiful? What we built for you
Every day tending to the walls
That separate each of us
While the walls of your shelter crumble
Isn’t it beautiful? How there’s no dirt to muddy your shoes
Except for where the roots break through the concrete

These eyes are a window
Can’t be afraid to look through
These eyes are a window
Can’t be afraid when you look through, you have to look through
It’s the chance of a lifetime
And now you have to take it
Because time can be a prison
And love is the only way to break out

Oh, Don’t wake me up yet

I can’t entertain your lies
I won’t split our lives in two
We’ll have to walk through this desert
Before we can see before we can breath

I’m afraid to say we’ll have to keep your name out of this
You will be known as Pistol
Light up the sky
Line up to die
Never speak the question
Just hold your tongue
You’re safe with us
You’ll have to leave the rest
You know you’ve been possessed
You’ve got to decompress
I want to wake you up, I want to wake you up
And I want to wake up

You’ve fallen into this dream
Playing out your life on the silver screen
I want to wake you up
And I want to wake up

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